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Project Experience

Project is one of field case study that should be experienced directly by lecturer. Here the challange of solving problem with specific qualification standard would increase the skill and capabilities. See Video »

  • port Simulator


    Port Simulator is joint Research among STC Nuffic, Sea Transportation Department - ITS, and PENS. This research is funded by STC Nuffic on building the miniature of container port as trainer module for students of Sea Trans Department so they can learn and simulate the container flow and scheduling arrangement in the port. The project research was don't in December 2016 after 7 month of works. See Video »


    This Two way AGV is a type of tunnel AGV which work in two direction, fordward and backward directly, no need to turn arround for backward movement. The AGV is capable of carrying 600kg load with maximum speed 48m/mnt. This Product is the output of joint research between PT JAI and PENS. It is don't in 2016 after 4 month of works. See Video »


    HOBO ROBOT is robot penjinak bom from GEGANA Team. Gegana joins with PENS in maintenance program of the robot. Hobo Robot have not been operated for years because of electrical and mechincal problem. We and team are assigned in rebuild and modify the robot both mechanically and electrically, so that in can operate as it was. After the completion, the robot is handed back to Gegana Team in 2015 after three months works. See Video »

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  • produk arduino
  • produk robotis




  • Arduino
    Learn Arduino step by step and create simple project
  • Visual C#
    Learn Visual Studio C# programming
  • Visual
    iPhone & iPad web templates for AppStore apps
  • Arm cortex
    Learn Family of Arm microprosesor Products, Programming, and its applications
  • Autodesk Inventor
    Learn Mechanical design including part design, assembly, technical drawing and video assembly
  • Cimatron
    Learn G-Code and CAM process of making part using CNC machine.
  • Matlab
    Learn Matlab programming and simulation using simulink
  • Robotics
    Learn Mechantronics and Robotics system, controls, and its applications

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